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What's in your garage?

  • Stuff to toss
  • for the future
  • for the garage
  • sale for charity
  • and now: for recycling

Residents: Cleaning out Home and Storage

There was a time when a two car garage was used to park cars, protecting it from the outdoor seasons. Today most cars are parked on the driveway and our garages are filled with memories, half-finished projects, great deals and things we just seem to collect until moving day.

If you attempt to clean your garage or empty out that storage unit, PC recycle is only a call away.

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Did you Know?

The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that 2.9 million HD TVs were purchased for Super Bowl 2009 (not including TVs sold) a 50% increase over 2007 sales.

Why Choose PC Recycle?
0Secure EOL IT Asset disposition
0Certified destruction of sensitive data
0Meet or exceed security compliance

0Detailed reporting and tracking
0Certificate of Recycling
0E-Charity Donation Program
0Scheduled Local Pick-up
0Easy Local Drop-off



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