Services: Schools and Non-Profits

No act of recycling no matter how small is ever e-waste.

Schools and Non-Profits

PC Recycle uniquely offers Non-profit organizations, including foundations, faith communities, university and educational institutions, the opportunity to change e-waste into e-charity. When an organization (business or non-profit) holds a one day recycling event at their center PC Recycle tabulates the Monitors, TVs, Laptops and Computers then donates back to the charity of choice.

Our flyer (available in English and Spanish) shows how easy it is to engage your community of interest to learn and participate in electronic (e-waste) recycling


Business Electronics
Consumer Electronics


IT Assets
Surplus Inventory

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For all recycling we provide upon request a CERTIFICATE OF RECYCLING or CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION based on your enterprise requirements.



Did you Know?

According to the EPA (in 2006) the US generated 2.9 million tons of e-waste of which only 330,000 tons or 11.4% was recycled. 88.6% was simply thrown away.

Why Choose PC Recycle?
0Secure EOL IT Asset disposition
0Certified destruction of sensitive data
0Meet or exceed security compliance

0Detailed reporting and tracking
0Certificate of Recycling
0E-Charity Donation Program
0Scheduled Local Pick-up
0Easy Local Drop-off


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