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PC Recycle removes all retired or redundant IT assets and destroys all electronic information corresponding to your legal, fiscal and industry requirements.

PC Recycle provides a comprehensive chain of custody process. Our team tracks and reports the transfer of all sensitive data and disused End of Life IT assets from your premises to our recycling facility complete to verified disposition.

Cost-effective Electronic Data Security and IT Asset Disposition





In today's business environment every organization has a duty to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of its electronic information in response to increasing regulatory compliance issues and maintaining professional ethics.
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For the Public sector qualifying bidders for e-waste is more than the bottom line. Getting the best bid is not necessarily the best service. PC Recycle recognizes that every government agency has the fiduciary responsibility to tax payers to reduce, reuse and recycle obsolete IT assets. Bidding on surplus inventory and disused IT assets PC Recycle pays at competitive rates. Find out more here >>

Non Profits:
PC Recycle works with large and small non-profits (registered 501(c)3 and religious organizations through e-charity programs that give back financially to support the organization. Find out more here >>

Teaching environmental responsibility is a great way to earn money for Education. Working with School Districts, School administrators and approved educational non-profits PC Recycle stages day events at schools and donates back based on e-waste volume collected. Find out more here >>

PC Recycle is right around the corner, a phone call away. We provide a pick-up and drop-off service for every individual who is concerned about keeping our land-fills free from e-waste. And if we can't help you we will find you someone local in our network of responsible recyclers. Find out more here >>

Did you Know?

E-waste is classified as IT equipment and consumer electronic devices (from TVS to computers and cell phones) that have reached their end-of-life and are discarded by businesses and consumers.

Why Choose PC Recycle?
0Secure EOL IT Asset disposition
0Certified destruction of sensitive data
0Meet or exceed security compliance

0Detailed reporting and tracking
0Certificate of Recycling
0E-Charity Donation Program
0Scheduled Local Pick-up
0Easy Local Drop-off


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